Review: Lootcrate April 2017 – INVESTIGATE

This month’s theme was INVESTIGATE and considering the detective work necessary just to get this box, it’s certainly an apt title. Finally, after two months of wrangling with customs, here it is and my first impression of lootcrate is a good one.

This collectible pin is cool enough to be on any backpack.

The items are (mostly) of good quality, they’re unique and they’re downright cool. Without further ado, let’s get into the item review.

  1. Stranger Things T-Shirt


When I saw this in the box I freaked out. Stranger Things is by far one of the better recent releases that Netflix has given us and it’s a show that I absolutely love.

My t-shirt was a women’s large, and it fits just a little bit tighter than I prefer my shirts. My average SA size is M/34, so be sure to order up rather than down when you choose your lootcrate, since the shirts run a bit small. The material itself is buttery soft with a high-quality graphic print on the front. It definitely looks like it’ll survive the washing machine, but only time will tell.


The design on the shirt is homage to X-Men #134, the same comic that Will won in the race before being attacked by the Demogorgon. Considering how little Stranger Things merch there is available, this is a great addition to my wardrobe.


  1. Batman Colour-Changing Mug

Whether you prefer the Affleck Batman, Bale Batman or the Lego Batman, everybody can agree that Batman is awesome. This mug draws influence from the noir aspects of the enduring icon with a detailed city skyline against a black background.

Feeling thirsty? Fill up your cup with your favourite drink and the Joker’s gas will slowly start to invade the city. My favourite part of my tea-break is now watching the bat-signal grow as the people of Gotham are attacked by the Joker.

This mug makes me feel like a superhero each time I drink out of it and I’d be lying if I said I don’t pretend I am Batman.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

”The city of Gotham needs you to drink this cup of tea!”

Ahem. Anyway.

The downside to this mug is that the color changing part of it seems to be applied with a sticker. While it’s durable enough to be washed in the sink, I doubt if it would survive a dishwasher. I also made two tiny scratches in it with my nail, accidentally.

Though this mug is awesome, it is a bit fragile. With great mugs comes great responsibility…

  1. Jessica Jones Q-Fig

I have a collection of action figures that are all in completely different styles, from Funko to super detailed. Now I have yet another odd one out, since this is my first ever Q-Fig.


I’m going to be honest: I’ve never watched Jessica Jones. From what this action figure shows me, it seems to be a really interesting show and it’s next on my to-watch list. The action figure itself is near-perfect and ticks all the boxes. It’s sturdy, it has a cool pose, there’s no sloppy paint work and it actually looks like the character it’s representing.

Jessica is now joining my band of misfit-figures, going right next to Jon Snow.

  1. X-Files Pencils

In theory, this one would be amazing, but they are sadly the most disappointing part of this lootcrate. On the box it shows the following slogans:



On the pencils it’s a different story.  I had a problem with ¾ of them.


As you can see, the top pencil had the text printed on the wrong side of the pencil. If I sharpen the pencil, the truth will no longer be out there. The truth will be pencil shavings. The middle pencil isn’t too flawed, but some of the text did rub off on the bottom. It’s still readable at the very least. The last pencil has a bigger problem with missing text. I no longer want to believe. The pencil just says “to believe”. Is this an X-Files pencil or is this a pencil I got from Church?

Luckily, my favorite one was intact. Trust no one, not even lootcrate to keep your pencils safe.

Overall, this lootcrate was top-notch, with the exception of a few durability issues. I’d definitely recommend lootcrate to anyone interested in geeky merch. But then there’s another issue…


If you’re wondering why I’m reviewing the April crate in June, here’s why. The shipping of the package took more or less three weeks (which is pretty long already), but customs was the real nightmare. Not only is there no way to track your parcel once it’s with customs, but there’s an endless waiting period. More than a month of waiting with almost no communication.

Once, we did get into contact with them and they said the package would be available between the 18th and 26th of May. Those days came and passed with no further information. Finally, we could pick it up 6 June. Luckily no items were missing or damaged.

Special thanks to my lovely boyfriend for getting me a year’s subscription to lootcrate.



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