Why I Turned Down My Stellenbosch Acceptance

Ever since I was about six years old I had this dream of going to Stellenbosch University. My reasons for doing this were far from academic. Even as a child, I knew the prestige attached to a Maties education and since I love pretending to be a superior human being, it greatly appealed to me. As I entered the teen years I was more interested in the ‘student life’ which vaguely translates to excessive drinking, Instagram posts and promiscuity.


So when I was accepted to study there in my matric year, I should have been ecstatic right? My bright future was awaiting me. The problem was that I’d changed too much to truly be interested anymore. Firstly, I’d realised that people with superiority complexes are horrible (thanks entire population of Ceres for teaching me this valuable lesson) and that I didn’t really care for excessive drinking or promiscuity. I also didn’t have an Instagram account at that stage. So there I was, all set to go study BA Language and Culture in 2016. This is my second year out of school and I’m no closer to doing that than I was back then. Firstly because c’mon, BA Language and Culture? Why study something that basically means “educated unemployment”. And secondly because I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.

Barely graduated, already worried about the next step

So I decided to study LLB instead because I’ve always liked Judge Judy. That didn’t last long either. The work wasn’t hard and it was interesting, but was it really what I wanted to do for the rest of my life? Hard pass. The South African criminal justice system distresses me enough as it is without being directly involved in it. Luckily I did this through Unisa and didn’t waste a small fortune figuring out that it wasn’t really what I wanted to do. Also, Unisa is terrible.

During my gap year I had to work for my own money because my parents refused to support my laziness. So here I am now, with almost two years of accidental work experience as an online content creator/copywriter/promoter/whatever it is that I do. I have no qualification and I don’t get to post campus photos on my Instagram, but I’m happy, and isn’t that what counts?


This job started as something to do while I worked on my ‘real’ plans and it ended up turning into my real plans. Maybe I’ll even get a qualification to back up what I’m doing next year (not BA Language and Culture, that’s for sure).

At the end of the day, I’m glad I made that scary decision and turned down my Stellenbosch acceptance. If I didn’t, I’d be a broke student and I’d probably hate my life. I’d also be surrounded by everyone in Stellenbosch. And if dating Stellenbosch guys has taught me anything, it’s that they’re the absolute worst*. Sorry Ceres, Stellenbosch has you beat.

*I don’t actually hate anyone in Stellenbosch, don’t be so easily offended. Go vape. Do hard drugs. Have some gluten free hummus or whatever it is that you people do.



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