Having a quarter-life crisis

Instagram posts are surely the biggest reason why people are dissatisfied with their lives. Instagram posts combined with not having any direction in life? Fatal. When you’re twenty years old with no idea what you want to do with your life, seeing people who do know what they want to do – and who are … Continue reading Having a quarter-life crisis


Women Are Sabotaging Themselves

I want to start this off by saying three things. I am a feminist. I believe men and women are equal and I don’t have ‘internalised misogyny’ because I’m saying these things. I think many of these same things about men, but I’m focusing on women here because I am a woman. I’m guilty of … Continue reading Women Are Sabotaging Themselves

We Should Ban Young Children From Public Spaces

DISCLAIMER: This post is mostly not serious, except for the restaurant part. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t get along that well with children. Sure there are the rare exceptions where a child is not horrible, but this is so rare that it barely counts. That’s why I think I have a solid … Continue reading We Should Ban Young Children From Public Spaces

Why I Turned Down My Stellenbosch Acceptance

Ever since I was about six years old I had this dream of going to Stellenbosch University. My reasons for doing this were far from academic. Even as a child, I knew the prestige attached to a Maties education and since I love pretending to be a superior human being, it greatly appealed to me. … Continue reading Why I Turned Down My Stellenbosch Acceptance

Review: Lootcrate April 2017 – INVESTIGATE

This month’s theme was INVESTIGATE and considering the detective work necessary just to get this box, it’s certainly an apt title. Finally, after two months of wrangling with customs, here it is and my first impression of lootcrate is a good one. The items are (mostly) of good quality, they’re unique and they’re downright cool. … Continue reading Review: Lootcrate April 2017 – INVESTIGATE